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The LA Comedy Fest & Newport Beach Film Festival!

Posted by Paul Devlin:

Fantastic whiz-bang Southern California tour for The Front Man! Yukking it up at the LA Comedy Festival with Jim Sanfilippo and Stefan Drust, one of the original drummers for Jim's band. Jerry Quickly, Jay Pounders, Kristin Baldwin and my Aunt Roberta Sherry-Scelza were in the audience as well.

Stefan set us up with swank digs in Laguna Beach when a snafu with our hotel almost left us homeless. Then we got a limo for JIm's mom to join us for a truly magical screening at Newport Beach Film Festival.

Tonight, we are rocking it at the Montclair Film Festival!

The Front Man East Coast Premiere at The Florida Film Festival!

Our East Coast Premiere screening of The Front Man down at the Florida Film Festival was amazing!  The film was well received with lots of laughter!  Thank you so much to everyone for your support! 

Next up... the LA Comedy Fest on April 24th followed by the Newport Beach Film Festival on April 25th and 30th!!  And after that join us in Montclair, NJ at the Montclair Film Festival on May 2nd!

See here for a full list of upcoming screenings!

The Front Man East Coast Premiere at The Florida Film Festival!

The Front Man East Coast Premiere at the Florida Film Festival in Maitland, FL! Showings are April 5th & 8th! Tickets available now!






D-Word Pitch at CBS March Madness


Posted by Paul Devlin:

D-Word is the online community for documentary professionals. I joined in the beginning about 15 years ago and it has been remarkable to watch filmmaker Doug Block's vision emerge as an indispensable resource for documentary filmmakers. Basically D-Word gathers all the wisdom and experience of the world-wide documentary community in one place.

Now we're in the midst of a campaign to upgrade and thrive for the next 15 years. I made this little video in support during breaks at my day job covering March Madness for CBS. If you're a documentary professional or interested in documentary filmmakers, give D-Word a look!

The Front Man World Premiere at Cinequest!

Posted by Paul Devlin:

More than 13 years ago, I started shooting my buddy Jim Wood, just for laughs. Now, after the many dark moments of despair and high moments of transcendence that all filmmakers experience, The Front Man has finally come to life. The World Premiere at Cinequest was spectacular! I have never had such an overwhelmingly positive audience response to any of my movies.

We're so impressed with Cinequest and the people of San José for their genuinely enthusiastic support for independent filmmakers. It was the perfect launch for The Front Man!

The Front Man Official Trailer!

Hot off the presses! Brooklyn Trailer House did a fantastic job making the trailer for The Front Man. Check it out!

The Front Man World Premiere will be at the Cinequest Film Festival in San José, CA! Showings are March 7th, 9th & 13! Tickets available now!





SlamNation: Ngoma Hill - "I Was Here First"

Posted by Paul Devlin:

I love this energetic alternative history from activist and poet Ngoma Hill.  Since it wasn’t crucial to the story, I knew it was going to be an outtake of SlamNation but I edited it carefully anyway, just because it’s such a fun piece and happened to have so many varied angles.

Ngoma continues to be dynamic performer and it’s always a pleasure to run across him when I’m out and about in the poetry scene in NYC.

SlamNation DVD 
SlamNation Trailer

The Front Man World Premiere

The Front Man World Premiere will be at the Cinequest Film Festival in San José, CA! Showings are March 7th, 9th & 13! Tickets available now!


Power Trip - Disconnect

Posted by Paul Devlin:

This scene from my movie Power Trip is when the real drama kicks in. You don't really get how important electricity is until you don't have it. And it was a revelation for people unfamiliar with how high the stakes are, to learn that cutting off people's electricity can lead to rioting. Here's where it starts...

Power Trip DVD
Power Trip Trailer

SlamNation: DJ Renegade - "Miles"

Posted by Paul Devlin:

Form and content merge seamlessly in this jazz poem about Miles Davis by the master, DJ Renegade.

It was excerpted briefly in the opening montage of SlamNation. Now you can feel the whole piece.

SlamNation DVD 
SlamNation Trailer

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