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DOX - "A Pioneering Experience"

Paul Devlin talks about the BLAST! ArtistShare project - what worked, what didn't work, and the future of independent film financing.

Published in DOX Magazine.

Read the full article here!

"Although ArtistShare is a fan-based funding platform developed for the music industry, a documentary filmmaker decided to break new ground by trying it out to fund his latest documentary. He shares his experiences in the following."

Last Man Standing - "Everything Must Go"

Posted by Paul Devlin:

Here’s the latest from my good friend Max Vanderwolf, and his band Last Man Standing.  More videos from Max on the way.


Slam Poem: Evert Eden - "Jabulani (Ballad for my Brother)"

Guest post by Evert Eden aka Adam Ash!

This is the one poem I've written that can make me cry, because I love my brother. I had to cut it down to make it work as a slam poem, and I don't rightly know where the original poem is. It's a poem that, if I perform it right, is really moving, but it's quite difficult to get it right. I once read this poem, really a praise song to my brother, in South Africa, with my brother in the audience. The next day he told me that listening to the poem was like taking acid. He made me promise never to read the poem in South Africa again, although I was free to perform it anywhere else.

This is what's known as the problem of two writers living together: You're not allowed to steal my life, it's my material, not yours. But then Aldous Huxley wrote brilliantly about his literary crowd in Point Counterpoint,so that even an outsider who just read a few literary magazines would know who the real-life people were on whom all his characters were based. The novel was a classic of its day, because he had stolen everyone's life around him -- and did it brilliantly.

OK, some links. My book of poems, Suck My Poem, is available here, and my novel Vagina Rebel is available here.

These days I've reincarnated myself as Adam Ash, singer-songwriter, who performs solo and with his band the Dingbots. Check out my band's CD here and follow my music career here, where you can also listen to three of my songs, including the rather bizarre My Girlfriend Got Freaky with a Strap-on.

BLAST! Excerpt - Canada Recovery

Posted by Paul Devlin:

Most people don’t hang out with their siblings at work, so they have no real idea what they do day-to-day. Part of the journey of making BLAST! was discovering, up-close, what my brother did for a living.  As I followed him around to some of the most remote places on the planet, I became more and more amazed by what these hardcore scientists go through to get the job done. Then my job became to bring an audience along on my own journey of discovery.

BLAST! Trailer

Slam Poem: Jessica Care Moore - "How To Make Love"

Posted by Rina Svet:

Jessica has a whole collection of amazing, daring poetry, and in this bold piece she slaps the issue of sex vs. love on the table, teaching the men she speaks to, as the title claims, how to make love.

“Don’t just call out my name, ask me my name!” she demands.  Check out the whole riveting piece, it’s well worth a listen!

SlamNation DVD 
SlamNation Trailer

Power Trip Extra - "Paraskiing Music Video"

Posted by Paul Devlin:

This is a fun, extended scene that was cut out in the final version of Power Trip.

One of the fringe benefits of going through the struggle of living and working in a developing country, is that you also have opportunities you could never get away with in developed countries.

Everything is cheaper and less regulated. Piers would have never been able to build his own chalet in a ski resort in the States. Paraskiing straight off the mountain would be a nonstarter and helicopter skiing would be prohibitively expensive, if it were allowed. But for an expatriot in the Republic of Georgia, all this is possible.

Not that regulations are bad. I had no intention of going Paraskiing myself - looked way too dangerous. But then I realized I needed to get the POV shot to make the scene complete, shrugged my shoulders and almost got killed when my guide bungled the takeoff.

The version of this scene in Power Trip generated criticism at some festival screenings: "How could Piers and his colleagues be enjoying themselves when they've created so much suffering for the people of Tbilisi. Shame on them!" Fair enough - I'm documenting, not defending. On the other hand, I suppose you could make that argument against any fun, any time, anywhere, when people are suffering elsewhere in the world.

So enjoy this little adventure - but not too much.

Power Trip DVD
Power Trip Trailer

2006 US Open - Rafael Nadal Feature

Posted by Paul Devlin:

I edited this homage to tennis star Rafael Nadal with my friend and talented producer Joe Zappulla.  Joe is outspoken, opinionated, and likes to have fun.  He also gets the job done.  It’s a pleasure to work with him, from the early, grueling days in Edit-73 back in 1998 when CBS first recovered the NFL contract, through Superbowls and Tours De France.  Great work Joe!

Artifactuality on the DevlinPix logo

Our in-house designer Drew Zimmerman,  did a fantastic job on the logo design for DevlinPix.  Thanks, Drew! Christine Moh of Artifactuality was impressed enough to feature the design on her website.

Read the full article here!

"Our friend and independent film director, Paul Devlin, incorporated his documentary film company, DevlinPix, in the beginning of this year. Along with the event, he had his company’s new logo/symbol designed by a talented designer, Drew Zimmerman.

The number one reason why we liked this logo is because of its simplicity. The designer has boiled down the words “Devlin Pix” to its most simple form, while adding unique qualities to the individual letters D & P to make this symbol harmoniously represent the company’s core function.

The lower case of letters D & P just happened to be the upside-down form of each other. The designer saw and utilized this opportunity to create a symmetrical, visually balanced symbol. The ascender of the D & the descender of the P were strategically drawn, “sliced” and positioned so they subtly suggest film strips on a projector and/or reels of film.

The color chosen for the logo, in my opinion, is a true reflection of Paul’s personality–a peaceful cool bluish gray for a quiet, intelligent, cool guy.

This is a very nice, well crafted, classic, memorable logo for DevlinPix. Congratulations, Paul!"

2006 US Open - Women's Preview

Posted by Paul Devlin:

Much of my work at CBS Sports involves putting together very short pieces that get rolled into a live show such as the NFL Today.

Editing the U.S. Open Preview Show is a nice change. Not only do I get to create fun pieces like this one that set up the live event, I also work with a producer to assemble the entire taped show from start to finish. A half hour of network television, all ours.

Max Vanderwolf in Last Man Standing & Naked Sun

Posted by Paul Devlin:

I met my good friend Max Vanderwolf at University and made this music video of his band Naked Sun when we were both living in New York in the late ‘80s, early ‘90s. I’m proud of this piece, shot on Super-8 film, because it captures the flamboyant, edgy East Village that I remember so well, but which no longer exists.

And the second part shows Max still at it, making great music with his latest band, Last Man Standing.

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