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The Front Man Home Premieres! Montclair in NJ and Stranger than Fiction in NYC!

Posted by Paul Devlin:

The Front Man tour continues with a New Jersey Premiere at the fabulous Montclair Film Festival!  Jim and Christie got some more "fame sampler" during their interview for the PBS TV show "Life and Living" to air on WNET, NJTV and WHYY. The home state crowd really came through with a packed house and lots of familiar faces. So great to see everyone, especially my mother, Nancy Devlin. (Thanks for driving her up from Philly Dave Pitone!)

Next up, New York City at the IFC Center with Stranger than Fiction!

The LA Comedy Fest & Newport Beach Film Festival!

Posted by Paul Devlin:

Fantastic whiz-bang Southern California tour for The Front Man! Yukking it up at the LA Comedy Festival with Jim Sanfilippo and Stefan Drust, one of the original drummers for Jim's band. Jerry Quickly, Jay Pounders, Kristin Baldwin and my Aunt Roberta Sherry-Scelza were in the audience as well.

Stefan set us up with swank digs in Laguna Beach when a snafu with our hotel almost left us homeless. Then we got a limo for JIm's mom to join us for a truly magical screening at Newport Beach Film Festival.

Tonight, we are rocking it at the Montclair Film Festival!

The Front Man East Coast Premiere at The Florida Film Festival!

Our East Coast Premiere screening of The Front Man down at the Florida Film Festival was amazing!  The film was well received with lots of laughter!  Thank you so much to everyone for your support! 

Next up... the LA Comedy Fest on April 24th followed by the Newport Beach Film Festival on April 25th and 30th!!  And after that join us in Montclair, NJ at the Montclair Film Festival on May 2nd!

See here for a full list of upcoming screenings!

The Front Man East Coast Premiere at The Florida Film Festival!

The Front Man East Coast Premiere at the Florida Film Festival in Maitland, FL! Showings are April 5th & 8th! Tickets available now!






The Front Man World Premiere at Cinequest!

Posted by Paul Devlin:

More than 13 years ago, I started shooting my buddy Jim Wood, just for laughs. Now, after the many dark moments of despair and high moments of transcendence that all filmmakers experience, The Front Man has finally come to life. The World Premiere at Cinequest was spectacular! I have never had such an overwhelmingly positive audience response to any of my movies.

We're so impressed with Cinequest and the people of San José for their genuinely enthusiastic support for independent filmmakers. It was the perfect launch for The Front Man!

The Front Man Official Trailer!

Hot off the presses! Brooklyn Trailer House did a fantastic job making the trailer for The Front Man. Check it out!

The Front Man World Premiere will be at the Cinequest Film Festival in San José, CA! Showings are March 7th, 9th & 13! Tickets available now!





The Front Man World Premiere

The Front Man World Premiere will be at the Cinequest Film Festival in San José, CA! Showings are March 7th, 9th & 13! Tickets available now!


Kickstarter - We Did It!

Posted by Paul Devlin:

Thanks to all of you, dear backers, we exceeded the funding goal for The Front Man!

Kickstarter has turned out to be a truly energizing experience and your generous support has been exhilarating.

Now it's our turn to come through for you. We've already started working on putting together your rewards - Jim is picking out the 45RPM records, we're planning the Record Room night and deciding how Outrageous those Outtakes can be.

And of course, we'll be working on finishing The Front Man right away. I have already hired some very experienced, objective eyes to help me fine tune the cut. After that a Fair Use lawyer will make sure all the outside footage and music conforms to Best Practices in Fair Use. That will allow us to lock picture and move on to the online, color correction and audio sweetening.

We'll let you know when we finish up the movie. Keep an eye out for a survey from Kickstarter, so we can get the info we need to send out the special pre-release DVD of The Front Man as well as the other rewards.

And then we'll look forward to announcing the premiere! Very exciting!


Kickstarter Thoughts #1

Posted by Paul Devlin:

As I take my Kickstarter campaign out into the world, I have encountered what may be a fairly common sentiment among filmmakers regarding crowdfunding.  It’s paraphrased here:

“Hey your Kickstarter looks great!  Here’s the problem: I get asked so often to join crowd-funding campaigns that I have made it a policy not to back any. But I wish you the best of luck with your project!”

Here is my open response to that response:

I understand that point of view completely! In fact that was my policy exactly for the longest time.

Until of course, I started my own Kickstarter campaign...

Now, I have a new appreciation for what a nervy, risky undertaking crowdfunding is. Not only is the life of the project at stake, but so is one’s self-esteem. As filmmaker Allison Berg says, "It's like losing a popularity contest every day." The “ask” is so difficult – who wants to hassle family, friends and colleagues for money? And then what message does it send if the campaign ultimately fails? I have great respect for anyone who makes a serious effort. So I have dropped my rule and now evaluate crowdfunding requests I receive on their individual merits.

This is reinforced by the buzz at IFP Film Week a few days ago that crowdfunding for independents may have a limited window of effectiveness. Big players like Sony Pictures Classics and Disney are sniffing around crowdfunding as a potential tool to supplement their mega-marketing campaigns. Maybe there’s room for everyone. Or maybe independents will get crowded out of crowdfunding, as the whole world applies this policy to all but the loudest campaigns. It won’t be the first time artists get squeezed from the space we pioneered. So, I will embrace the moment while it lasts.

In the meantime, crowdfunding is rapidly becoming essential for independents. Not only is it the only funding option for many projects, but gatekeepers may soon be expecting it as the first step of a distribution strategy. They will be looking at the success of the campaign and the dollar figures, but also the number of backers. These will be used to evaluate the filmmaker’s social capital and the viability of his or her project. There may come a time when every independent film needs to start with a crowdfunding campaign.

As filmmakers, we may want to support the health of independent film generally by applying an alternative rule of thumb that increases backer numbers: Back every crowdfunding request with at least a single dollar.

So I encourage you to reconsider your policy and start your first crowdfunding campaign sooner rather than later.

What is your personal policy regarding requests to support crowdfunding? Are we approaching a point of saturation where filmmakers will start to withdraw from the funding process? Or will the necessity to create our own campaigns encourage us to back others more consistently?

The Front Man


DocuClub Workshops The Front Man

Picture this: 40-50 documentary professionals watching your unfinished movie and then ripping it to shreds...uh... offering constructive criticism. It's an intimdating scenario, but also exhilirating and always valuable.

Founded by filmmaker Susan Kaplan, DocuClub is now run by Arts Engine. It is a member organization of filmmakers in Manhattan that workshops new non-fiction work. DevlinPix is honored to present our newest project, The Front Man, in its first semi-public screening
at DocuClub.

If you're in New York City this week, come join the fray:

Thursday July 19, 7PM at DCTV, 87 Lafayette Street, New York. Admission: $6 for non-members, Free for members.


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