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With his 5th feature documentary, five-time Emmy winner and Independent Spirit Award nominee Paul Devlin has created a rare non-fiction rock 'n roll comedy love story. The Front Man is an intimate portrait that evolves into a 27-year journey about a man so busy chasing his dreams that he risks missing what success really means.

Jim Wood is bursting with personality, always ready to take center stage with his clever bawdy humor.  A talented musician, Jim is still dedicated to his New Jersey band Loaded Poets, together 20 years since high school. But as Jim grapples with the broken promise of rock 'n roll stardom, he must reconcile his joy of creating music and his wife Christie’s desire for a child with a culture in which anything short of celebrity is failure.


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As featured on The Colbert Report and NPR's Science Friday.

"In a rare combination of content and storytelling, BLAST! treats the viewer not only to the fruits of cosmic discovery but to the fits and starts of dedicated scientists who navigate paths of research that enable it." - Neil deGrasse Tyson, Astrophysicist, American Museum of Natural History and Host of PBS NOVA science NOW & CNN's Cosmos

“Brilliant! Absorbing! Unexpected twists and turns!"  - The New York Times    

 "This adventuresome spin on breakthrough science should wow 'em!" - Variety

"The film BLAST! is terrific! This is a story where fact is stranger than fiction. You could not have written a better script. I recommend you go out and see it!"
- Ira Flatow, NPR's Science Friday (about 12 minutes in)

Cover story in Sky & Telescope!

High School Friendly! "Influencing a Future Generation of Scientists"

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BLAST! explores both the heartbreak and the glory of trying to unravel the secrets of outer space. Mark Devlin, PhD (the filmmaker’s brother) launches revolutionary telescopes on NASA high-altitude balloons. Dangerous, but necessary if he wants to look back in time and reveal a hidden Universe of never-before-seen galaxies. BLAST! follows Mark and his team on their grueling journey across 5 continents, from Arctic Sweden to Antarctica, as they search the sky for clues to the Evolution of Everything. Along the way, the rarely-seen true life of scientists is exposed – the failures, the triumphs and the sacrifices. It’s an adventure like no other, one that will that take you around the world and across the Universe.

Mark Devlin was recently in Antarctica for a third time launching a new version of BLAST. Read more about it here.

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"A pop culture phenomenon!"-Robert Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

"The drama is always full-flame. So is the comedy." - Film Pick of the Week, LA Weekly

"The genre's answer to Monterey Pop!" - Stephen Holden, The New York Times

Emmy award-winner Paul Devlin gives you a ringside seat at the most compelling verbal slugfest of the century. SlamNation chronicles The National Poetry Slam - the Olympics of verse, in which spoken word artists (the adrenaline junkies of the literary world) compete fiercely in battle poetic.

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Power Trip Image

Power Trip Laurels

"Gripping!  A Real-Life Thriller!" - LA Weekly

"Darkly Funny!" - Time Out New York

"One of the Highest-Rated Films of 2003" - Rotten Tomatoes

Winner of 10 International Film Festival Awards. Independent Spirit Nomination – Best Documentary.

In an environment of pervasive corruption, assassination, and street rioting, the story of chaotic post-Soviet transition is told through culture clash, electricity disconnections and blackouts. 

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Digital Educational edition available on Kanopy!

Directed by Kevin Fitzgerald (aka DJ Organic), Produced by Henry-Alex Rubin (Murderball), and Produced and Edited by Paul Devlin.

"A rousing education in an art form that is too often misunderstood."
- The New York Times

"This fascinating documentary offers a rare glimpse into communities of gifted street rhymers who challenge and support one another in inspiring, creative ways."
- Jon Matsumoto, Variety

"Affectionate, wildly entertaining...Boasts a loose, spontaneous, free-flowing feel that's perfectly suited to the sharp-witted improvisation and brash gamesmanship at its subject's heart."
- Nathan Rabin, The Onion

Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme explosively documents the world of improvisational hip-hop, providing an authentic look into the life, music, and history of this underground culture.  Packed with rare and archival footage of some of the most amazing hip-hop MC's ever to bless the mic!

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Field Hollers Yield Dollars is an exciting new podcast about the evolution of Rhythm & Blues into Rock and Roll in the United States. Featuring Jim Wood of DevlinPix' upcoming music-comedy The Front Man, this podcast is an informative, entertaining look back at our nation's storied musical history:

Blues was authored by America’s slaves, and grew into Rhythm & Blues as musical technology advanced. The underground “black music for black audiences” was unearthed by a handful of hip Caucasians, most of them smelling cash and none more endowed of this sense than Sam Phillips. Sam whitewashed the blues, brought us Elvis, and ushered in a mega-millions era of “Rock & Roll” that ensured the death of R&B and forever merged artistic integrity with tin-eared marketing muscle.

Jim Wood has 5000 R&B records, and he recounts the bittersweet tale of the birth of “America’s music” with opinion and dialog as bold as the best Wynonie Harris records.

Listen to Field Hollers Yield Dollars now at the iTunes Store and PodOmatic!

DOWNLOAD: Title Card (Full Res) | Photo of Jim Wood (Full Res) | Press Release (DOC) (PDF)


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The star of Paul Devlin’s non-fiction rock 'n roll comedy love story The Front Man, Jim Wood, has released the first CD with his new band, 1-$tring Woody. The 20-track Vinyl Mind is bursting with diversity, genre-mixing and musical references. Trying to pin down what “type” of music this is won’t be easy – the individual songs are unique, stand-alone gems. Think of each track as its own 45RPM single. These are familiar songs you’ve never heard before. The new retro!

Vinyl Mind is a rocking nod to Jim’s 5000+ vinyl record collection. Find out more about the source from Jim’s podcast, Field Hollers Yield Dollars.


Click here for Lyrics from the Album

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Paul Devlin’s first documentary, Rockin’ Brunswick, was shot near his hometown in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and edited while he was still a student at the University of Michigan.  Rockin’ Brunswick captures a thriving ‘80s music scene, championed by WRSU DJ, Matt Pinfield and featuring interviews and performances by Crossfire Choir, The Blasés, The Groceries, Jigs and the Pigs, D.P. and the Greys, The Nullset, The Deed and Rockin’ Bricks.  

Also featured is The Deal, led by Jim Wood, subject of Paul Devlin’s latest movie, The Front Man.

Check out this 1980's commercial for Pa­trix, the "CBG­Bs of New Brunswick," one of the clubs featured in Rockin' Brunswick!

The re-release of Rockin' Brunswick on DVD was featured in New Jersey Sentinel. Read the article here.

Slammin Cover
Director Paul Devlin's television pilot captures the edgy sport of the spoken word as bards compete in the semifinals of a slam event held at New York City's renowned Nuyorican Poets Café. Evert Eden, Everton Sylvester, David Mills and Susan Ross perform, among others. Narrated by Bob Holman, this engaging program copped two New York Emmy Award nominations, and Devlin went on to produce the acclaimed film SlamNation.

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Slammin’ is also available as part of the special double disk set of SlamNation.
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National Slam Poster

Paul Devlin directed this first in a series of National Poetry Slam Finals videos.

The hottest spoken word artists gather each year at the National Poetry Slam for a lip-slinging, mouth-mashing shoot out. If you think you know poetry watch this video and see the dusty, grade school memory turned upside down. Is it a new art form or a return to the raging roots of oral tradition?  Gather round and feel the heat of these poets words. The 2000 Finals Night features 24 poets performing 31 poems.

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Paul Devlin’s fictional short stars James McCaffrey, (co-star of Rescue Me) as Tony O’Neil a talented, but very distracted neon artist. 

Tony loses everything he touches.  And if he's not careful, that includes his girlfriend Corrin.  Desperate, Tony seeks the help of Shah, a strange and powerful mystic who has learned to use science to achieve spiritual goals.

Shah's newest invention is a pair of extraordinary glasses.  Try them on, think of an object that's lost and in a moment, it can be seen.  The glasses need field-testing and Tony is the perfect subject.

At first, Tony is back in control, finding all the things he's lost.  But the glasses are more complex than he ever imagined.  Tony is about to discover that sometimes, the worst part of losing things, is finding them...

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Produced by Sarah Bleakley and edited by Paul Devlin, CutTime is a survey of the independent, club music scene in the East Village of New York City in 1990.  

Shot in black and white 16mm and Super 8 film, the 24-minute movie features interviews and performances by John S. Hall and King Missile, False Prophets, HypnoLoveWheel, Woodpecker, The Gamma Rays, The Reverb Motherfuckers, Two Minutes Hate, Carry Nation, Kirk Kelly, The Holy Cows, and Gregpack.

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