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Castner's Cutthroats


Paul Devlin recently optioned the screenplay rights to Jim Rearden's novel, "Castner's Cutthroats", about the Alaska Scouts of World War II. It's the amazing story of a specialized intelligence unit made up of rugged back woodsmen, prospectors, trappers and native Alaskans recruited by Colonel Castner for their unique survival skills in one of the harshest environments on the planet.


Castner's Cutthroats spearheaded the effort to drive out the Japanese from the Aleutian Islands during the war. Most Americans have no idea that parts of Alaska were invaded and occupied by the Japanese during WWII and American citizens captured on U.S. soil and held prisoner in Japan. It's going to make a great movie!


Paul Devlin & author Jim Rearden at his home in Homer, Alaska.


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